Monday, March 23, 2009

Angels and flying

On the drive home from church yesterday my husband asks my son what he learned in primary. He replied "Angels" to which I was a little excited because he usually answers Jesus.
"Really?" I said "Well what did you learn about angels?"
"Oh, that they fly," he says in a very matter of fact, almost I can't believe you even have to ask sort of way.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Blessing

For some reason our little boy has decided to stop praying. Every night we ask him to say the prayer he quietly refuses and we say his prayers for him. Somewhat distraught by this I asked him why to which he gave me no reply. I explained the importance of prayer and why we did it. I then prayed on my own that his little heart, that used to be so eager to pray, would again yearn to speak with his Heavenly Father. Yesterday I was a little out of commission and explained to him that I was not feeling well. Sometime during the day, in between his movie watching and my resting on the couch, he came to me and said mommy you need to be blessed. I smiled at his sweetness and he asked if he could bless me. I had to hold back tears as he folded his arms and said a prayer in my behalf. He also prayed about how much fun he had been having that day and how much fun he hoped to have playing at the park later with his dad. I think that is what I missed the most about him not praying, he always has such a childlike innocence as he speaks what is on his mind truly talking to his loving Father in Heaven. I am grateful for prayer and the blessing of having such a sweet little boy entrusted to my care.