Friday, August 31, 2007

three things I'm not but kinda wish I were

A clean freak!
I would love to live in a clutter free home with floors clean enough to eat off at all times. The reality is well I live in a cluttered house were the floors are cleaned once a week (well on a good week.)
A germ-a-phobe!
I intend to carry hand sanitizer at all times and wipe down the grocery cart and public high chairs before I place my children in them, but it just doesn't always happen. I forget most of the time and even on the off chance that I do have hand sanitizer in the diaper bag it never gets used. I am grateful that even with my negligence I have healthy and happy kids, oh and remember the floor that is less then pristine, they still eat off it!
A health nut!
I did really well for about a month and a half then birthdays happened and both sides of the family came for visits. Well what else do you do when family gets together. You eat everything good! So I am slacking in the eating healthy department. Sophia is already hooked on ice cream, yes I know she should not have dairy until she is one, but she is happy :) I really am going to try and make healthy meals for my family. Anyone have suggestions for getting a two year old to eat veggies??

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

home new home

Well we are in the new house and it has been a little over a month and we have yet to get furniture or put paint on our very white walls. I guess to some that is not so bad. I have been a renter for so long now that I am sick of white walls and can not wait to get some color on them if only hubby and I could decided on a color, or colors! Well we did purchase our first piece of furniture it arrives tomorrow. This sectional which will go in our family room is a great example of the very indecisive people we are. So on Saturday we went "looking" which is what we have done now for over a month just scoping things out in case something we love is out there for the right place. Well bingo on Saturday we found it BUT the colors were not our first choice. We said forget it we like it we'll get it anyway! So we got a cream sectional for our family room. Yes I said cream the light off white sort of color. And yes this is going in our family room the room were our two year old and seven month old play in a lot! So as we are driving home I make the comment that my mom is going to say what were you thinking getting such a light colored couch for your kids to play on. ( I in my mind have visions of these well behaved kids who never run on furniture and would never dream of putting muddy hands on it! Nice thought!) Anyway so this comment gets my husband thinking and he decides we have to call them and switch to the sage green color at least then the fingerprints will look like slight smudges right! So we debate for hours (literally!) and finally come to the conclusion that well yes we both prefer the cream couch the sage green one is far more practical. So we call and like that our couch goes from cream to green. The next day I am depressed! Yes I am sad that we are getting the sage green couch! I go the whole day mourning the loss of all my color ideas that mind you have not materialized AT ALL yet. I think well now I am going to have to come up with all new ideas to work with and this sage couch is just not what I want blah blah blah... Anyway so I am so miserable about it (yes all day Sunday and Monday!) that we re debate and I finally end up calling and I change the couch back to cream. Then of course I stay up all night last night tossing and turning and all day today fretting about our cream couch. I can just see my self next month saying what was I thinking cream!!! I'll keep you posted.

In other household news the princess who is so tiny and dainty is crawling. She has been for quite a while now. She is a very independent baby and enjoys playing by herself, but she also adores her big brother and when he is around she gravitates to him. Last night her big brother was upstairs and hubby and I were in the kitchen and she was under the table playing. Well my husband turns around and notices she is gone. She had already made it half way up the stairs! So he supervised and she climbed all the way up unassisted. Our growing little girl! Her big brother also thought this was great and cheered her on (if you can call bopping her on the head cheering on) He is a sweet brother and he really loves his little sister. I can't wait until she gets even more interactive. My favorite thing in the world is to hear them laughing with each other. They'll just look at each other and start bursting out with laughter! It is very sweet I should get in on video now that I think about it! Well I have enjoyed this posting now as things slowly start to settle I hope I find more time to spend posting. Stay tuned hopefully I'll have pictures of the house up soon!