Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mommy Roller Coaster

I have been trying hard to give my son choices. So instead of taking toys away from him before bed I tell him, he has a choice to make he can give mommy the toy in exchange for some snuggle time, or he can kiss me goodnight and just keep the toy. Last night he picked the toy. I was crushed, snuggling with mom had come in second (a close second I might add he was tempted I could see it in his eyes). I felt so rejected, I mean was I second to a toy, really? I am a failure.
Then this morning when I gave him his vitamin he looks up at me and says "thank you mommy" I don't think I could have been any prouder. To make my head just a little extra large he has kept it up all day and has thanked me for everything I have done for him without even so much as a look from me prompting him to do so. I am a success!
Oh how fast lows turn to highs, I am just riding the mommy roller coaster.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sister for sale

My little guy is a very good big brother, but there are times when I think his sister may get on his nerves. He has taken to "saying prayers" which means when he feels like it he'll copy whatever the person praying is saying. The other night while my husband blessed the food he decided he'd like to "say" the prayer. So my husband immediately slows down so it is easier for him to follow. He throws in my sons name saying how thankful we are for him, son repeats, then my husband says "we are thankful for our little sister" nothing, my husband says it again, nothing. He then drops it and continues, sure enough my son picks right back up repeating to the end of the prayer. So while at the moment he did not feel the need to say it I still think he is thankful for his little sister.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

No crying over spilled milk

There is defiantly crying involved in motherhood, for me there is anyway, but I have increasingly found there is no crying over spilled milk. Not to sound to cliche` or anything but you can't sweat the small stuff. Yesterday I was upstairs getting ready for the day as I listened to my kids gleefully playing downstairs. I let them be for a while longer and continued to make my bed and get some things done upstairs, I mean they sounded so happy downstairs. I only wish I had my camera as I came down the stairs because the scene was truly amusing. In the middle of the floor my son's cup sat upside down, this would not be a problem had it been empty, or of the non spill type. No, it was of the very leaky type and it happened to be full of strawberry milk. The fact that there was a huge puddle of strawberry milk spilled all over the kitchen floor was very entertaining to my children. My daughter was belly down, lapping it up and swimming in it. I had to hold back the laughter as I told them I know this seems like a lot of fun, but we really shouldn't spill milk to play in. As I was cleaning up the mess (unfortunately before I ever thought to take pictures) I thought to myself how as a mother I am leaning to not get upset over things like spilled milk. It is amazing how all of a sudden you find yourself wiping poop smears off the wall, scrubbing bright pink throw up off the carpet, and going out in public wearing your black shirt that has been used as a snot rag all day long, (not the best idea but I am guilty of doing it more then once without even noticing!) and thinking this is normal.