Thursday, June 23, 2011

My big annoncment

Everyday I feel like I need to blog because as much as I think I will be taking care of babies for the rest of my life they are growing up, I will forget. I'm not a journal keeper. I need to blog and turn this in to my record for posterity. We've been busy with tumble bus, dance camp, and a growing two year old with a growing vocabulary and very strong opinions. Yesterday the whole family went to my twenty week ultra sound appointment. We are having a healthy baby girl! Caden was hillarious the first thing he said was "it looks like a turtle!" He wanted a monkey, (he is currently obsessed with a video game called Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. He wanted a brother so we could name him Monkey Ball, I informed him we would only use that name if it was a monkey.) Through the course of the ultra sound he saw an alien, a robot, even the galaxy! Complete with stars and the planets. Sophia of course beamed with the knowledge she is getting a little sister, I'm not sure she understood the images on the screen were actually her new sister. Luke just wanted his mom the whole time. He knew I was the one getting attention he likes to be where the attention is. It was one of those moments you want to etch in your brain forever, to see my four children together. There are no words, I will tell you there were tears though, the good ones.