Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Conversations at the breakfast table

My son loves blueberries, a lot. How much is a lot? He told me this morning.
Son: Mom, can I have more blueberries?
Me: Yes
Son: Mom, can I have a million blueberries?
Me: Well, how much is a million?
Son: Mom, (in a completely serious tone), a million is a lot.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The newbie

Known around here as Lukey, Lukster, or simply the dude. He is slowly turning from newborn to active baby giving us glimpses of his personality. He has discovered that he controls his hands and loves to grab whatever he can reach. He loves watching his older siblings play, and is a big baby babbler. His favorite game is peek-a-boo, and his daddy was the first to make him laugh. The other day I had a discussion about how tiny baby cries are so enduring. I have to admit baby cries (when not at three am) are cute, but baby giggles melt my heart.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A real conversation

Me to daughter: "Can you please come and put your PJ's on."
Daughter: completely ignores me.
Me again: "Um, can you please come and get ready for for bed?" in a slightly irritated tone.
Daughter: singing to her doll, completely oblivious of me.
Me now yelling: "Get over here right now and get ready for bed!"
Daughter looks up shocked: "Please stop yelling at me." in the calmest sweetest voice ever.
Me, realizing I should not have yelled: "Well, you were just not listening to me. I needed to get your attention."
Daughter: "Oh, I wasn't listening?" looking way to innocent, and in same sweet tone, "I'm sorry momma, I'll get ready for bed."

Hello old friend

It seems with the beginning of each new year I vow to prioritize, organize, and just get it together. At the end of each year I'm, well I'm still just me, somewhat prioritized, not very organized, and rarely all together. This year I still vow to prioritize, organize, and get it together, (one day I'll get there, wherever there is!), BUT I also vow to enjoy the ride. I spend so much time and energy chasing the perfect place I hope to get to, I sometimes forget to enjoy my here and now. My resolution this year is to enjoy here and now, even if that means loving no sleep, and still being way to many sizes to count away from fitting my clothes. (Yep I broke down and bought me the fat pants.) In my pursuit to enjoy the journey I want to spend more time actually doing things I enjoy, even though it might be hard to get a minute to myself. One thing I haven't done lately is blog which at one point of time I really enjoyed. So here is a new beginning to my old blog, I've missed you old friend!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coming Soon

I'm back and ready to do this! As soon as I get a minute I'll be back on the blogging wagon baby! It's coming soon.