Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My kids fight more then yours! So there!

Sibling rivalry, currently the ache in my head. Why oh why can't they just get along. Who started the I wish you were not part of my family business. I am tired of it, you guys love each other! Yes we are happy Jesus created your little sister. Yes your brother is your friend. No your sister is not weird, well maybe, but that makes her good not bad. Start your prayer over and this time bless your brother/sister (depends on who said the prayer). Say you're sorry and give her/him a hug. Now this time smile and screaming I'm sorry does not count.

Oh the bright side when they do get along they are the best of friends.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The little lady

She started her first year of preschool. I say first year because next year she will do it again. I was hesitant, her dad thought she was ready. I thought for sure she would cling to me. She was not as brave as her big brother, this was my little girl. I walked her in and braced myself for her tears. In my mind I saw myself peeling her off of my leg, hugging her, reassuring her I would be back. Immediately after we enter she gets lost in the scuffle of little kids and clinging parents. I felt out of place, she seemed right at home showing her teacher her Princess and the Frog backpack. Alas no big pealing her off me scene I feared, she hugged and a kissed me and excitedly waved goodbye. She came home thinking she was the stuff because she is a big girl and goes to school.