Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Grade

He got up with the sun today. He wanted to leave as soon as he was dressed. How long does this enthusiasm for school last? The whole family got ready and followed him to school as he rode his bike. In he walked, not bothered, but also not caring that he had an entourage. He was to excited to pose for pictures, we tried our best. Mondays are pizza day so we have decided he can have school lunch on Mondays, I read the menu to him last night. When I mentioned tossed salad his dad says "oh, tossed salad because he will be tossing that in the trash" he chimed in with "I am not eating my vegetables." He did agree to eat the fresh grapes.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shop till someone drops

When I was young I loved going to the store. I enjoyed grocery shopping and making a million stops getting in and out of the car. Okay so maybe my memory is a little hazy, but I most definitely did not torture my mother at every corner, whining with every stop, making running errands the most torturous endever for her, did I? My kids are not errand runners. They hear the word and cover their ears screaming "nooooooooooo, not today!" So this morning as exahasted as I was became determined to get all of my earrands, (which included haircuts for two kids) done with one stop. So of to the dreaded Walmart we went. I have to say I dislike Walmart for a lot of reasons, but today I loved them as I not only got everything done, but done in an hour and a half without a single meltdown! Now that is an accomplishment in my book. Thank you Walmart for having so much at one stop, for once having everything I needed, and especially for opening up a few more check out lanes so we were not stuck at the dreaded check out forever!