Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My siblings would not approve

When I dressed Sophia I had to laugh to myself and I thought, my siblings would not approve. My sister and I used to always joke that you could tell when my husband dressed the kids because they never matched, have I become just as bad? My brother repeatedly tells me he will never put his son in anything "dorky" (isn't it dorky to say dorky?). He has been permanently scared by the pictures of us in neon bright short shorts and even brighter tee shirts. We were raised in the eighties I remind him. Still he says his son will never have a picture in anything that might scare him later. So today after I dressed my little girl, and looked at her, and laughed, I took pictures.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pretty Candy House

Today we hosted our first ever gingerbread house party. After we were done Caden would look at the house and say "pretty candy house." Thanks Jones family for the fun day! Here are some pictures of the fun.

The Mess

Our pretty little candy house. It ended up being a lot smaller then I anticipated but we like it.
The boys had so much fun playing together. By this time they were pretty hyped up on candy.
And the finished product. Jones' family on the left, us on the right.
Unfortunately the Jones' house did not make it home in one piece for the full story visit their blog.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Twelve Days 'Til Chiristmas?!?

I was at the mall today and I saw a sign in a window that said 12 days left until Christmas! How could such a cheerful little sign leave me so panicked? Really only twelve I thought? About then I was wishing I had made that advent calender I had been meaning to make. I just feel like my accomplished list pales in comparison to my to do list. I guess I can feel a little better getting this done. Posting has been on the to do side of my brain for awhile. We have been a pretty busy family lately. My husband has been busy working hard and playing lots with the kids. He also has been shoveling snow and doing all the fun little winterizing stuff you just never think of when you rent. I have been busy trying to get the house in order, finishing everything for Christmas, planning a luau, and having fun with the beehives. The C dog has been busy learning how to play on the computer independently. He now knows how to navigate his way through starfall. This is part of the reason I have not been posting, we are trying to cut down on all of our computer time. He loves music and I have been very impressed as he recognizes songs I sing to him (like his favorite Jingle Bells) when we are out and about and he hears them playing. Today I was putting on his shoes and Sophia took one of them he looked at her and said "no Fia", took it from her nicely and said "thank you." I had to laugh, that is what I do to him when he takes something he can not have like scissors. Miss. Fia is busy as ever getting into things and showing more and more personality. She also has started walking! Well hopefully I can get around to taking a Christmas family picture and writing a letter for now just know that we are all happy, healthy, and busy.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No Nap Zone

That is what my little girl thinks this is. I personally would love for someone to feed, me make sure I was comfy, and then tuck me into bed twice a day everyday so I could take two hour naps! In the beginning she loved this routine and life was great. Then her teeth started coming in (grrrrrr to teething). She has also decided the world is far to interesting to waste the day away sleeping. Anyway I decided I was boss today and I let her cry it out a bit. She was so tired she only lasted about five minutes. One of my favorite things to do is to go get her when she wakes up. She almost always has a huge smile on her face when I open the door.

Friday, November 30, 2007

picture perfect

For Christmas my siblings and I got my parents a digital frame so they have a way to display all the pictures of the grandkids we email them. My husband had the idea that we should put holiday pictures and maybe a short clip of us saying Merry Christmas for them to enjoy when they open it Christmas morning. Of course everything sounds good in theory right! My sister who is taking the frame home leaves tomorrow morning, and of course, I procrastinated like always. I decided to do the photo shoot in the Christmas clothes this afternoon. You would think the fact it took all my strength to get them in their clothes that it would be an indication of how it was going to go. Needless to say even with a digital camera and a million shots I am not sure I have a Christmas morning frame worthy shot. Then again we are talking about grandkids here I could put anything in there and my parents would love it! Well here in a nut shell is how my photo shoot turned out today.


So my husband gets to spend a week here on a business trip. Business? Because they could not have meetings anywhere else in the world right? So in January, the dead of winter, I will be on full diaper duty and husband less. I can't complain to much my wonderful mother and sister will be on hand to help out with the kids. I just wish his business trip involved spouses!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The count down begins

Yes till Christmas, but in our family also to Sophia's first birthday. In just one month she'll be one! Where has the time gone? I always said I would never have a Christmas baby but we all know how that goes. Never say never. She was not due until January 9th but two days after Christmas my water broke and our sweet angel changed our lives forever. She has brought such joy into our family. I was a little nervous to have two kids so close but it has been a blessing. Caden is a very sweet big brother. The other day the two of them were in his room playing and I heard her crying. I crept up the stairs to take a peek and Caden was patting her back saying "it's okay Fia, it's okay." Granted I will never know if he inflicted the crying to begin with, but the fact that was comforting her made me smile. It was one of those I wish I had a camera right now moments.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A day of thanks

So it is two days after Thanksgiving but I feel like I need to post about the day. My husband was telling me he thinks that Thanksgiving in the most overrated holiday.
"What? Overrated?" I gasp in horror.
How could anyone think this of Thanksgiving?
"Are you not Thankful?" I ask him.
"Of course I am." He tells me, "But shouldn't we be thankful everyday?"
"Well yes, but you love your mom everyday but we have Mother's day once a year to." I say to Thanksgiving's defence.
"Yes," he says, "but the whole purpose of Thanksgiving is to over stuff yourself watch football and then stuff yourself some more."
Okay so he does have a point, BUT I love Thanksgiving and not because of the food. To me it is all about family. The day were you get together with family and friends to spend good quality time together. It was time for vacation when I was a student. It was time my dad did not have to go to work, and now time my husband stays home. Who does not love a four day weekend? This year I have so much to be thankful for, and yes I would still be thankful even without a day set aside to give thanks. But I am thankful for Thanksgiving and this wonderful weekend we've had at home as a family.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday Results

So after almost no sleep and an upset stomach from eating WAY to much food I decided to get up and go this morning. I almost didn't do it. I mean really is standing out in the cold, getting pushed around, and saving maybe $20 worth it? Honestly. I guess it was for me! I got almost everything on my list and then some! I got up at 4:30 this morning then stood for half an hour in the freezing cold to save what they told me was $90! That is what my receipt said anyway. In reality I think I saved about $40 and I got a bonus $5 gift card from Target not bad. I then headed to the mall and got cute clothes for cheep for the kiddies, there they said I saved something like $100 (can we say overinflated prices to begin with)then I haded to Costco were the crowds were the least threatening and made an impulse buy which is yet to be reveled because of certain people who may read this blog. I ended at Walmart which was actually just a quick stop I did save $10 on a toy but they were out of the cheep PJ's $7 for two pair of blanket sleepers!
At Target there was pushing involved, but no wait time to get out, all their cash registers were open. Macy's department store was nice and empty but the wait in line took awhile, Mervyn's was a MESS but I got WAY cute clothes and I had nothing better to do while I waited an hour and a half for Costco to open it's doors. I have to give Costco five stars for preparedness everything was easy to find and very clearly marked so you knew what was the sale stuff and what was not. Target gets credit for early morning crowd control the line was single file and they had security to insure no cutting! Walmart was, well Walmart. I enjoyed the rush and only wish I had had company on the journey.
Overheard in the Target line at 5:30 AM doors opened at 6.
person a: So what are you getting?
person b: I don't know. Hopefully something good.

Who stands in line that early not knowing why they are there?

Overheard in the Mervyn's line that I stood in for a good 45 min and there were maybe six people in front of me.
person a: My wife and I do this every year, and every year after today our Christmas shopping is done.
person b: You must save tons of money.
person a: I wouldn't really know we just love doing this together.
Earlier person a had told person b that they started in the Target line at 3AM! They got everything they wanted.

Overheard at Costco
My personal favorite of the day.
Mom to son: grab one of those quick, quick!
Son grabs item which is a MP3 player that a lot of people were grabbing.
Mom to Son: what is it?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Black Friday

So I am gearing up for the big day. I went last year and I was hugely prego! This probably worked to my advantage because come on you can't push a pregnant lady. I honestly didn't go anywhere to exciting and I was not rushing to get the super hot items. This year though I have my eye on a few hot buys. So I think I will brave the weather, the crowds, and the hideous hour of the day and go see how much money I can save.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last night I sat and talked with a twelve year old and I realized I do not remember what it is like to be twelve. Maybe I have blocked it all out I don't know but it seems so foreign to me. Was I awkward? Honestly sometimes I wonder if I am any less awkward today. Well I get to relearn what it is like to be twelve, I got called to work with the beehives. Yeah for puberty. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who are you?

So I did it. I took those internet quizzes to find out who I was. Here are the results. If I worked at Dunder Mifflin I'd be Pam. If I were a Jane Austen character I would be Marianne Dashwood of Sense and Sensibility, and finally if I lived on Sesame Street I'd be a cross between Elmo and the Count. Life's problems solved thanks to those handy quizzes on the internet! Take yours today.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Baby anyone?

I get baby hungry when I look at newborn photos of my kids. How could you not look at those tiny little faces and not think I want another one of those. Then I think am I really ready to have three kids? Yikes! So for now anyway I will enjoy the two I have and hope that one day I will be blessed with more. I now have to go and spy on my independent two year old who likes to play in his room with the door closed. He has quite the little imagination and it is very amusing to watch, hopefully I can be sneaky enough so that he doesn't notice me.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I am a perfectionist in some ways, but not when it comes to crafts! Last Friday I spent nearly three hours on this project and then I spent another hour Saturday morning finishing it. I rarely take this much time on projects and even with all the effort it still turned out imperfect! Usually this kind of thing does not bother me. I am one of those the edges can be uneven kinda girls. This however is bothering me. Every time I look at it I think if only that A was a little lower. I have even thought of getting a saw and sawing the bottom of the pumpkin or getting a new letter A and turning it around. (The latter would pose a problem though because I have them on my banister and you can see them from behind.) So maybe I am becoming a perfectionist when it comes to crafts, well not likely since I still have this displayed and it is unlikely that I am going to do anything about it!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Halloween

We had a fun Halloween this year. It started with pumpkin carving on Monday and ended with trick-or-treating last night with the cutest puppy and kitty the world has ever seen. Here are some pictures of the fun.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So what happens if when I am tagged I never do it therefore never tagging anyone else in return will I be IT forever??


I was looking for a pumpkin chocolate chip bread recipe and I found this blog. I was inspired. I was reading her blog thinking wow this is really good, I cried, I called my husband and told him I loved him, I hugged my children a little longer then normal, I truly took the time to appreciate the blessing it is that I stay at home with my children. I was moved by this woman's strength, her courage, and her ability to overcome life's challenges. I also was touched by her faith and I was grateful that I to know that I am a daughter of a loving and forgiving Father in Haven. I really enjoyed her I am... essay, so much so that I wanted to steal the idea and write one of my own! Instead I am starting reflections. So if anyone wants to join please do! I will pose a question to reflect on and then write my thoughts. I'd love to see others thoughts on the matter! Being that my time is limited I do not have this together yet BUT I will by the end of the week so please check back because I would love to hear your reflections! Until then here is the first question:

what inspires you?

I am always moved by good writing whether it is a good book, or a strangers blog. I love to see emotion or ideas expressed in writing in a way that makes them become tangible. I am inspired by music and the way it can set a mood. I am inspired by smells that take me to places I miss, or remind me of people who made a difference to me. I am inspired by people who stand up for what they believe in even if because of it they are shunned.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Stress and your midsection

Did you know that stress can actually lead to weight gain in your mid section? This got me thinking that I need to distress a little. So I came up with a list of things to do to distress my life. Who knows if it works maybe I’ll lose a few pounds from my gut, or maybe not, probably best not to stress about it!
1. Throw away to do list. I suppose lists and checking things off works for some people. I am not one of those people. Seeing a long list, or even mentally having a long list of things to do stress me out. Instead I try and pick one thing a day I would like to accomplish and work towards that. I find that when I do this I get a lot more done. Maybe because I am not busy stressing about what else needs to be done.
2. Forget would a, should a, could a. Think about I did, I’m doing, and done!
I try not to focus on what is not done, and instead focus on all that I have done. For example I would love my house to look like Martha Stewart herself came to decorate it, but circumstances have left my walls bare and my house definitely lacking on decoration. On the bright side I have hung one set of curtains, painted one wall, and completed a project that one day will make it up on the wall. Oh and I hung my fall wreath on my front door before the end of fall!
3. I know that yes there probably is someone out there that could do it bigger, better, and in less time, but hey I can do it. Whatever “it” is you can do it. You may not be the best and you may need to improve but if you can do it that is a step in the right direction.
4. Find something you love to do and do it. I have remembered since starting this blog that I enjoy writing. I am always thinking of different posts to post and it is something that gives me joy. I am less stressed when I find time, (even if it is thirty seconds on a bathroom break thinking about writing), to do something I enjoy.
5. And of course forget yourself and serve others! It is true that when we help others we feel good and so do they! Everyone knows in a win-win situation like that everyone ends up happy, and a little less stressed!

Friday, October 19, 2007

my transformation to a germ-a-phobe

So previously I mentioned how I was not much of a germ a phobe and often forgot to do things like wipe down shopping carts and use hand sanitizer after playing at the park. That was before my kids started getting sick constantly. Maybe it was because I wrote how they always were so healthy despite my forgetfulness. Well after yet another bout of diarrhea I decided enough was enough, I declared war on all grems. I did already do some things, like I always wash their trays and let them air dry after meals, I use Clorox wipes on everything, and I wash my hands after changing every diaper. To step it up a notch I am using this nifty contraption to keep my hand sanitizer outside the diaper bag. This way I see it and am more apt to use it. I also plan on telling Caden to help remind mommy to wash his hands after playing outside. I think his two year old memory might do a little better then mine. I will try and remember to clean the carts but I think it is more important that the hands get cleaned after. Another thing I plan on doing this winter is cracking a window open every now and again. Yes it is cold up here at the mouth of the canyon but fresh air seems to make everyone feel a little better. I also got a Clorox mop and I will make a more concerted effort to use it every night. It really is quick and easy. And my last strategy is to Clorox wipe door knobs and toys when someone in the family is sick.
If anyone else has anymore strategies for the war on germs please let me know. Here is to a healthy flu season for everyone!

Check it out

So my little boy loves the computer. However he thinks that anytime mommy is on the computer that I should be playing zuma. Now this is my fault because I knew it was something that would keep him and myself entertained so I would ask him if he wanted mommy to play zuma. Well I mentioned this to my friend and she suggested starfall! We tried it yesterday and what an awesome site! Anyone with toddlers should know about this site. He totally was interacting with the site like I had not seen him do with anything else before. Also I learned that he already understands how to use plural nouns. He saw a picture of an apple and said apple. Then when there was a picture of lots of apples he said apples. I also became inspired by the site and want to start teaching him letters by doing things like the letter of the week and doing different things with the letter. He is still a bit young but I think we can have fun with it anyway. So if anyone else has ideas or other sites to check out let me know! Thanks mammajam for always having such great insights to motherhood!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cuteness amoungst clutter

So upon arriving home from our trip I realized just how cluttered our house has already become! Isn't it amazing how fast stuff accumulates! Having half unpacked suitcases added to the mix does not help the situation. Due to the fact that we had been sick, and then were on vacation, and the list goes on, we have not done as much work on the house as I would have liked. Things like painting and putting up curtains and getting furniture. So aside form our clutter everywhere it still doesn't feel lived in to me. I was letting this get to me and the feelings of being overwhelmed started to creep in. I was looking around at everything I wanted to do but had no energy for and I was about to lose it when I looked at my kids. Both of them looked at me and smiled. It was at that moment that I realized clutter or no clutter I had two adorable kids who love me and want to make me happy. Three cheers for children who cheer you up!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


It is now 1AM and I am still up! After days of the stomach flu we are getting on a plane and visiting my in-laws. So no internet for a week. I'll be excited to see how everyone is doing when I get back.

Monday, September 24, 2007

just for fun

I have lived in the same state for 10 years, moved 9 times, and never rented a moving van once.
I have been married about three and a half years, have two children, no pets, and one car.
I have been to about 11 states, four islands, and Canada.
I love rollor costers, I am not afraid of heights, but I refused to ride the Haunted Mansion at Disnyland, and I was 20 at the time.
I enjoy cooking, love to bake, but rarely make dinner for my family. (Frozen pizza doesn't count as making dinner)
My husband and I did not want a popular name for our daughter but when she was born the two choices we narrowed it down to ended up being number 1 and 6 on the top ten names for 2006.
I gave birth in 2005 and again in 2006 in the same county but in two different cities

Shopping Blunders

This past Saturday I went shopping with my sister. We figured girls go shopping boys watch football, so with Sophie in tow off I went. While on my outing I of course am looking for a) winter clothes for the kids, b) winter clothes for myself or c)cute things for the house. Like my husband says it is not a good idea to send me out shopping when I do not leave the house with a list and strict orders to stick to it! Anyway I of course found lots of cute clothes, and I did restrain myself. I even bought somethings for Sophia only to go and return them in between stores, lame I know! So I was very excited to find this really cute outfit with a coat for Sophia, and it was even the right size. Things were looking good, I could however not find a price. So I take it up to the register along with the cute shirt I had found (side story about the shirt: months ago I had found it at another Ross but they did not have my size this one not only had my size they had several colors to choose from!) I ask the lady how much it is and she of course in a matter of seconds finds the price tag. I hardly have time to be embarrassed because it is such a good deal I say "I'll take it!" Later we are in the car and my sister is going through our stuff and she says, "do you know what size this is?" Only two sizes to big! I guess I was so busy trying to find the price I did not bother to notice that the size on the hanger was not the size of the outfit. I put her in the coat though and thought it was to adorable to resist. Besides she'll grow before it gets to warm to wear it, I hope.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My children

Just had to brag a little about the kiddos. Today the princess after weeks of training finally turned herself around to come down the stairs! So instead of diving head first she thudded down and landed on her bumper. I jumped of the couch clapping and she grinned huge and proud for mom. She has become quite the gloater. Like she will be standing holding on to something, then she will let go and hold on with one hand, then very slowly release the other after which she falls to the floor but not without a champion smile for her very proud parents who cheer every accomplishment even if it is standing unassisted for a spilt second. My little guy is into counting,(his favorite number is two . In fact he loves to find things in pairs and say "see two!"), circles (his favorite shape), and mimicking. He will copy EVERYTHING his dad says. He picks and chooses through my words but daddy's words are repeated every time. He is quite the daddy's boy. In fact he sometimes comes to our room in the middle of the night and the other night my husband and I switched places. When he came running in he was not happy to see me. He cried out "daddy, daddy!" then he raced around to the other side of the bed were my husband scooped him up and he fell right to sleep. I have to admit even at two in the morning I was kinda of sad that he didn't need me.

a step in the right direction

I don't know if it is experience, or age, but I find myself becoming a more, how should I say this, sane person. Not to say I don't still have a LONG way to go but in general I am a happier calmer person these days. Maybe it the house, or the fact that my nine month old finally sleeps through the night! Last night I had a bunch of girl friends over, just a casual thing, a group of us get together once a month. I had known for awhile that I was hosting this month and I did not stress out. The old me would have stressed for weeks about it, been a nervous wreak the day of the party, and then I would have stressed about it all night after everyone had gone home wondering if it had been good enough. Sound a little cynical? It is and I hated it! I hated stressing out so much over little things. I don't have a secret or know a cure for this (stressing out that is believe me if I did I would bottle it and market it!) It just happened. In fact I had made a list of things I wanted done before the party and not even half of the list was done and I was able to say oh well. For anyone who knows me this was no minor feat! So I had a party it was a success, and now I feel a little more grown up. How about that.

Monday, September 10, 2007

bored anyone?

I was listing to the radio the other day and this commercial comes on about what do when you are bored something like that, anyway I thought to myself when was the last time I was bored? I can't even remember! Who has time to be bored anymore. I feel bad when I take down time because slowly all the things I have to do creep into my mind. For those of you who think being a stay at home mom is boring I want to know your secret! Honestly from cleaning up spilled milk, to averting poopy messes, to doing the laundry (and here is a tidbit, I don't even fold mine anymore!) who has time to be bored! Now, I am not complaining I love that I haven't been bored but maybe if I could just be a little less busy......ahhhhhhhh! Off to go tackle some of my ever growing to do list!

Friday, August 31, 2007

three things I'm not but kinda wish I were

A clean freak!
I would love to live in a clutter free home with floors clean enough to eat off at all times. The reality is well I live in a cluttered house were the floors are cleaned once a week (well on a good week.)
A germ-a-phobe!
I intend to carry hand sanitizer at all times and wipe down the grocery cart and public high chairs before I place my children in them, but it just doesn't always happen. I forget most of the time and even on the off chance that I do have hand sanitizer in the diaper bag it never gets used. I am grateful that even with my negligence I have healthy and happy kids, oh and remember the floor that is less then pristine, they still eat off it!
A health nut!
I did really well for about a month and a half then birthdays happened and both sides of the family came for visits. Well what else do you do when family gets together. You eat everything good! So I am slacking in the eating healthy department. Sophia is already hooked on ice cream, yes I know she should not have dairy until she is one, but she is happy :) I really am going to try and make healthy meals for my family. Anyone have suggestions for getting a two year old to eat veggies??

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

home new home

Well we are in the new house and it has been a little over a month and we have yet to get furniture or put paint on our very white walls. I guess to some that is not so bad. I have been a renter for so long now that I am sick of white walls and can not wait to get some color on them if only hubby and I could decided on a color, or colors! Well we did purchase our first piece of furniture it arrives tomorrow. This sectional which will go in our family room is a great example of the very indecisive people we are. So on Saturday we went "looking" which is what we have done now for over a month just scoping things out in case something we love is out there for the right place. Well bingo on Saturday we found it BUT the colors were not our first choice. We said forget it we like it we'll get it anyway! So we got a cream sectional for our family room. Yes I said cream the light off white sort of color. And yes this is going in our family room the room were our two year old and seven month old play in a lot! So as we are driving home I make the comment that my mom is going to say what were you thinking getting such a light colored couch for your kids to play on. ( I in my mind have visions of these well behaved kids who never run on furniture and would never dream of putting muddy hands on it! Nice thought!) Anyway so this comment gets my husband thinking and he decides we have to call them and switch to the sage green color at least then the fingerprints will look like slight smudges right! So we debate for hours (literally!) and finally come to the conclusion that well yes we both prefer the cream couch the sage green one is far more practical. So we call and like that our couch goes from cream to green. The next day I am depressed! Yes I am sad that we are getting the sage green couch! I go the whole day mourning the loss of all my color ideas that mind you have not materialized AT ALL yet. I think well now I am going to have to come up with all new ideas to work with and this sage couch is just not what I want blah blah blah... Anyway so I am so miserable about it (yes all day Sunday and Monday!) that we re debate and I finally end up calling and I change the couch back to cream. Then of course I stay up all night last night tossing and turning and all day today fretting about our cream couch. I can just see my self next month saying what was I thinking cream!!! I'll keep you posted.

In other household news the princess who is so tiny and dainty is crawling. She has been for quite a while now. She is a very independent baby and enjoys playing by herself, but she also adores her big brother and when he is around she gravitates to him. Last night her big brother was upstairs and hubby and I were in the kitchen and she was under the table playing. Well my husband turns around and notices she is gone. She had already made it half way up the stairs! So he supervised and she climbed all the way up unassisted. Our growing little girl! Her big brother also thought this was great and cheered her on (if you can call bopping her on the head cheering on) He is a sweet brother and he really loves his little sister. I can't wait until she gets even more interactive. My favorite thing in the world is to hear them laughing with each other. They'll just look at each other and start bursting out with laughter! It is very sweet I should get in on video now that I think about it! Well I have enjoyed this posting now as things slowly start to settle I hope I find more time to spend posting. Stay tuned hopefully I'll have pictures of the house up soon!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm it!

Well I generally NEVER do these things, I always think other people have far more interesting answers but anyway...

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Saying good bye to Samoa and getting ready to come to Utah and be independent! I felt on top of the world with my whole life in front of me and I was SCARED!

What was I doing 1 year ago?
Getting over morning sickness and chopping off my hair in hopes of cooling down. Hmmm...Maybe I should make another date with the scissors, heat makes me do crazy things!

5 Snacks I enjoy
well this would have been a totally different list a year ago but now I am trying to be healthy. (It doesn't always work but I still try)
2. honey nut Cheerios's
3.carrots (when I had a fridge long story)
4. orange flavor Metamucil (sounds gross but really it tastes like tang!)
and last but not least
5. I SCREAM ,YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM ,FOR ICE CREAM! and yes in this heat number five gets eaten WAY more then the others when it is available.

5 songs I know all the words to
well anyone who knows me knows I am notorious for making up words when I don't know (or in many cases think I know) the words. Five songs I truly know all the words to...
1. I am a Child of God
2. Teach Me to Walk
3. Families Can Be Together Forever
4. I love to See the Temple
5. Jesus Said Love Everyone
These are my sons current favs. the ones I sing to him before bed.

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire
1. build my dream house
2. travel the world
3. get weekly pedicures (I've had 2 in my life and they were heavenly)
4. hire a chef (A really good one!)
5. drive a land rover

5 bad habits
not to copy my tagger but my number one is
1. procrastinate
2. stressing out
3.wasting time
4. impulse shopping (but not often!)
5. ebaying (which I guess is connected to number four)

5 thing I like to do
1. surf the web while chatting to my hubby (when he is at work)
2. watch my children do silly things (two year olds are GREAT entertainment)
3. workout (this is a new one to the list but absolutely LOVE my kick boxing class I really think I could kick some trash now!)
4. eat (this HAS to be on the list especially now at the vulnerable time of month if you know what I mean hehehe)
5. kick back and relax (whether that is with my husband, the girls, or other couples we enjoy)

5 things I will never wear again
1. copying my tagger again my wedding dress (in fact I just recently sold it! I am not a very sentimental girl, I sold it cheep since I got it well for free and I hope the other girl feels as beautiful in it as I did)
2. my wedding shoes the white sneakers ( I gave them to DI I hope I don't regret this later I have a hard time letting go. Wait a minute is this coming from the same girl who 2 seconds ago typed I am not a very sentimental girl? Can we say inconsistent! Maybe that should go under bad habits)
3. My maroon dress that is hanging in my closet (it should be in the DI box I can't nurse in it and it is just not flattering). I am stuck on this one I guess there are only three on this list
5 of my favorite toys

I don't really have cool toys none that come readily to mind anyway.
maybe my hair straightener? I need to get my self some cool toys.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


So we are all allowed to miss spell as we throw our selves into the cyber world right? Right. Well thanks for catching the typo! I am sure there will be many more to follow! I will be updating much more after the move right now I am off to make invites to the best Tonka bash ever thrown!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

a full plate

Not that I need more on my plate right now but I just feel so inspired! I am busy being mom to two, and wife to one. In the next two weeks I have to close on our first house (scary!), plan an awesome Tonka truck bash (Caden is turning 2!), and get the family dolled up for family photos. I did not choose for it all to happen like this it just sort of is. I am still very calm I think. My husband would down right disagree! But anyway I was cleaning my inbox and stumbled across Jo's blog form there I went to another and just thought it was time I found a permanent blog spot . So as soon as the move is over and I am settled I'll say farewell to all others and stay true and faithful to my new home in cyberspace!