Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ode to my kids

The Big Boy
Well, he is just that, a big boy. I watch him sleep sometimes in amazement at how grown up he is looking. His baby cheeks, and stubby fingers are turning into little boy features and I find myself wondering how he got so big, so fast. He is now (drum roll please) potty trained and very proud of the fact. He loves singing and often, especially in the car, will burst into song. He is finding his independence and this morning as we got dressed to take him to a friends house he informed me he could take himself. As much as he loves to be independent I can always count on a huge smile and great big hug when he returns as if to say he had missed me the whole time he was away. He is our peace loving boy and for the most part he is very good to his little sister.

The Princess
What can I say she really is just that, a princess, at least she thinks so. She is very strong willed and determined. She is not to happy when anyone or anything gets in between her and what she wants. She at the ripe age of 21 months is forming very strong opinions, and she is not afraid to share them! She, like her brother, loves to sing and always does actions to her favorite primary songs. She is an adventurer at heart and seems to fear nothing as she climbs up, down, and around everything. She can let herself in or out of her crib with ease, but I am not ready to put her in a big bed yet. She is still our little sweet pea but despite her petite size she is growing up on us.

Monday, September 22, 2008


As if on cue there is a definite bite in the air today.
Welcome Fall, with your pretty color, and the sudden need of socks and shoes, and crisp fresh air. I am excited to eat warm soup, and sip hot chocolate, and get all comfy under covers again, but I do have one small favor of you fall. Will you please tell your soon to be here friend the winter that you would like to stay as long as possible and keep him, with his snow and below zero killer wind, far, far away, at least for now. Thanks!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Family reunion

Lots of food, a trip to Zion's, photos, laughing, swiming, shopping, playing, Bryce Canyon, hiking, movies, road trips, jumping jacks, and lots more food!