Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Frumpy Wife

I know I have fallen into this category from time to time. The thing is it usally makes me feel down, so one week I decided I was going to get dressed, do my hair put on make-up even if all I was doing that day was cleaning toilets and the only people likely to see me was my family. All week long I would take the time and get dressed up, and all week long I got not a single compliment from my husband, which was fine I was doing this for me anyway. Then after a week I decided it was taking me to long and Luke was especially needy so I just didn't do it. I threw on a t shirt,my basketball shorts, pulled my hair into a pony-bun thing, no make up. That night my husband comes home and is talking to me then he suddenly stops looks at me and says "you look really cute today!"