Sunday, June 21, 2009

My son on puppies and how babies are made

As we drove past Pets Mart my son asked "can we get a puppy on this day (his way of saying today)?"
To which I replied, " not today."
"How about on the next day (his way of saying tomorrow)?"
"We will not be getting a dog until the babies are all grown," I informed him, "we first have to have this baby (referring to the little guy in my tummy)."
Puppies now forgotten he says, "Oh, I know mommy then you can ask your doctor to put another baby in your tummy!"
"Is that how it works?" I asked.
"Yes, so after you have this baby then you can say to your doctor, can you please put another baby in my tummy?"
"And what will my doctor say?" I asked him.
"He'll say oh yes!"
The innocence of children, I love it.