Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Girl

On Saturday we went on a shopping date. We were in search of sandals the sun was finally making an appearance, we needed to be prepared. As we headed to the car she noticed that I had grabbed my sunglasses. She stops and looks up at me remembering how her last pair of sunglasses was ruined by her little brother.
"Mom, I think we need to go shopping for new sunglasses for me."
She stood in front of the rack of sunglasses looking, touching, trying on, one after the other. Some twice, others I was told out right were ugly. In the end I think she was happy with her decision. Later I was telling Sean how long she took to pick a pair of sunglasses, he looked at me and laughed.
"Did you really just complain to me about someone taking their time shopping?" I had to smile.

Friday, April 8, 2011


In March Caden got his first stitches, and knowing him probably not his last.

I had a blast with old friends from collage, (some I hadn't seen since collage!) and our kids met.

Spring tried to come

And this guy just keeps getting bigger!