Monday, September 24, 2007

just for fun

I have lived in the same state for 10 years, moved 9 times, and never rented a moving van once.
I have been married about three and a half years, have two children, no pets, and one car.
I have been to about 11 states, four islands, and Canada.
I love rollor costers, I am not afraid of heights, but I refused to ride the Haunted Mansion at Disnyland, and I was 20 at the time.
I enjoy cooking, love to bake, but rarely make dinner for my family. (Frozen pizza doesn't count as making dinner)
My husband and I did not want a popular name for our daughter but when she was born the two choices we narrowed it down to ended up being number 1 and 6 on the top ten names for 2006.
I gave birth in 2005 and again in 2006 in the same county but in two different cities

Shopping Blunders

This past Saturday I went shopping with my sister. We figured girls go shopping boys watch football, so with Sophie in tow off I went. While on my outing I of course am looking for a) winter clothes for the kids, b) winter clothes for myself or c)cute things for the house. Like my husband says it is not a good idea to send me out shopping when I do not leave the house with a list and strict orders to stick to it! Anyway I of course found lots of cute clothes, and I did restrain myself. I even bought somethings for Sophia only to go and return them in between stores, lame I know! So I was very excited to find this really cute outfit with a coat for Sophia, and it was even the right size. Things were looking good, I could however not find a price. So I take it up to the register along with the cute shirt I had found (side story about the shirt: months ago I had found it at another Ross but they did not have my size this one not only had my size they had several colors to choose from!) I ask the lady how much it is and she of course in a matter of seconds finds the price tag. I hardly have time to be embarrassed because it is such a good deal I say "I'll take it!" Later we are in the car and my sister is going through our stuff and she says, "do you know what size this is?" Only two sizes to big! I guess I was so busy trying to find the price I did not bother to notice that the size on the hanger was not the size of the outfit. I put her in the coat though and thought it was to adorable to resist. Besides she'll grow before it gets to warm to wear it, I hope.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My children

Just had to brag a little about the kiddos. Today the princess after weeks of training finally turned herself around to come down the stairs! So instead of diving head first she thudded down and landed on her bumper. I jumped of the couch clapping and she grinned huge and proud for mom. She has become quite the gloater. Like she will be standing holding on to something, then she will let go and hold on with one hand, then very slowly release the other after which she falls to the floor but not without a champion smile for her very proud parents who cheer every accomplishment even if it is standing unassisted for a spilt second. My little guy is into counting,(his favorite number is two . In fact he loves to find things in pairs and say "see two!"), circles (his favorite shape), and mimicking. He will copy EVERYTHING his dad says. He picks and chooses through my words but daddy's words are repeated every time. He is quite the daddy's boy. In fact he sometimes comes to our room in the middle of the night and the other night my husband and I switched places. When he came running in he was not happy to see me. He cried out "daddy, daddy!" then he raced around to the other side of the bed were my husband scooped him up and he fell right to sleep. I have to admit even at two in the morning I was kinda of sad that he didn't need me.

a step in the right direction

I don't know if it is experience, or age, but I find myself becoming a more, how should I say this, sane person. Not to say I don't still have a LONG way to go but in general I am a happier calmer person these days. Maybe it the house, or the fact that my nine month old finally sleeps through the night! Last night I had a bunch of girl friends over, just a casual thing, a group of us get together once a month. I had known for awhile that I was hosting this month and I did not stress out. The old me would have stressed for weeks about it, been a nervous wreak the day of the party, and then I would have stressed about it all night after everyone had gone home wondering if it had been good enough. Sound a little cynical? It is and I hated it! I hated stressing out so much over little things. I don't have a secret or know a cure for this (stressing out that is believe me if I did I would bottle it and market it!) It just happened. In fact I had made a list of things I wanted done before the party and not even half of the list was done and I was able to say oh well. For anyone who knows me this was no minor feat! So I had a party it was a success, and now I feel a little more grown up. How about that.

Monday, September 10, 2007

bored anyone?

I was listing to the radio the other day and this commercial comes on about what do when you are bored something like that, anyway I thought to myself when was the last time I was bored? I can't even remember! Who has time to be bored anymore. I feel bad when I take down time because slowly all the things I have to do creep into my mind. For those of you who think being a stay at home mom is boring I want to know your secret! Honestly from cleaning up spilled milk, to averting poopy messes, to doing the laundry (and here is a tidbit, I don't even fold mine anymore!) who has time to be bored! Now, I am not complaining I love that I haven't been bored but maybe if I could just be a little less busy......ahhhhhhhh! Off to go tackle some of my ever growing to do list!