Friday, November 18, 2011

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Monday, November 14, 2011


I would be a bad mother if I did not post Halloween pictures. It is Caden's favorite holiday. This year we had a pirate, a little girl who could not make up her mind, and Buzz Lightyear. Sophia was tinker bell on Saturday for a ward trunk or treat, then sleeping beauty for her class party, then a fairy princess for trick or treating. It is a good thing she has a dress up box! this year was perfect weather for trick or treating the kids didn't even need coats over their costumes. They went with their friends from the neighborhood and came back with tons of candy and hopefully some great memories!

At long last

After what seemed to me like months of false labor, November 3rd finally arrived. I was originally due on November 10th, however my doctor was leaving the country on the 11th. He asked if I wanted to be stared, I didn't even hesitate, I think it was more like 'Yes please!' Everything about this pregnancy just seemed harder on me and labor was no different. My last two labors went very quickly, and my last one was almost easy! This little girl had plans of her own. So after my water was broken we waited, and waited. The two hour mark that I had not passed with previous pregnancies came and went. The nurse said I was right on target progressing just like I should. By the forth hour I was done. How do woman labor for so long? I started asking for the epidural and they kept saying are you sure? Maybe it was because I kept saying I think I want the drugs now, maybe I did not sound urgent enough for them. When I was told it takes about ten minutes for the epidural to set in I was sold. All I could think was in ten minutes I will be out of pain, I can relax, then I don't care when she decides to come. Turns out she only needed about ten more minutes. At 1:47 on November 3rd my life was changed forever when my baby girl was placed in my arms.
Eden Marie
7lbs 3oz
19 inches

Monday, October 17, 2011

2 Years

His laugh is infectious, his smile contagious. He has an obsession with balls. He has a great overhand throw, is learning how to catch(and does well most times), shoots hoops with precision, holds and swings a baseball bat correctly, kicks soccer balls great, and is working on his dribble. He is not bad with a golf club either. Did I mention he has an obsession? We celebrated his second birthday in between conference sessions this year. Complete with taco bar, (his favorite food) tons of balls, and a pinata. It was not lost on him that he was getting all of the attention. The kid is a ham and he knows how to turn on the charm. When I took him in for his two year old check up he had the nurse wrapped around his finger, she kept telling him how he just made her day. Our family has sure been blessed, we love you Luke!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Papa comes to town

My mom usually comes to visit about once a year, but my dad we see far less often. He hadn't seen Luke since he was about a month old. When they reunited they became good buds.
We had a lot of fun with Papa. He got our house ready for Halloween, we picked pumpkins, and I got a new faucet installed. My dad is a very hard worker and I remember him always busy working. It was nice to have him here just relaxing and having fun, enjoying the kids. In the words of my two year old it was "awesome!"

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Grade

He got up with the sun today. He wanted to leave as soon as he was dressed. How long does this enthusiasm for school last? The whole family got ready and followed him to school as he rode his bike. In he walked, not bothered, but also not caring that he had an entourage. He was to excited to pose for pictures, we tried our best. Mondays are pizza day so we have decided he can have school lunch on Mondays, I read the menu to him last night. When I mentioned tossed salad his dad says "oh, tossed salad because he will be tossing that in the trash" he chimed in with "I am not eating my vegetables." He did agree to eat the fresh grapes.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shop till someone drops

When I was young I loved going to the store. I enjoyed grocery shopping and making a million stops getting in and out of the car. Okay so maybe my memory is a little hazy, but I most definitely did not torture my mother at every corner, whining with every stop, making running errands the most torturous endever for her, did I? My kids are not errand runners. They hear the word and cover their ears screaming "nooooooooooo, not today!" So this morning as exahasted as I was became determined to get all of my earrands, (which included haircuts for two kids) done with one stop. So of to the dreaded Walmart we went. I have to say I dislike Walmart for a lot of reasons, but today I loved them as I not only got everything done, but done in an hour and a half without a single meltdown! Now that is an accomplishment in my book. Thank you Walmart for having so much at one stop, for once having everything I needed, and especially for opening up a few more check out lanes so we were not stuck at the dreaded check out forever!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Frumpy Wife

I know I have fallen into this category from time to time. The thing is it usally makes me feel down, so one week I decided I was going to get dressed, do my hair put on make-up even if all I was doing that day was cleaning toilets and the only people likely to see me was my family. All week long I would take the time and get dressed up, and all week long I got not a single compliment from my husband, which was fine I was doing this for me anyway. Then after a week I decided it was taking me to long and Luke was especially needy so I just didn't do it. I threw on a t shirt,my basketball shorts, pulled my hair into a pony-bun thing, no make up. That night my husband comes home and is talking to me then he suddenly stops looks at me and says "you look really cute today!"

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My big annoncment

Everyday I feel like I need to blog because as much as I think I will be taking care of babies for the rest of my life they are growing up, I will forget. I'm not a journal keeper. I need to blog and turn this in to my record for posterity. We've been busy with tumble bus, dance camp, and a growing two year old with a growing vocabulary and very strong opinions. Yesterday the whole family went to my twenty week ultra sound appointment. We are having a healthy baby girl! Caden was hillarious the first thing he said was "it looks like a turtle!" He wanted a monkey, (he is currently obsessed with a video game called Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. He wanted a brother so we could name him Monkey Ball, I informed him we would only use that name if it was a monkey.) Through the course of the ultra sound he saw an alien, a robot, even the galaxy! Complete with stars and the planets. Sophia of course beamed with the knowledge she is getting a little sister, I'm not sure she understood the images on the screen were actually her new sister. Luke just wanted his mom the whole time. He knew I was the one getting attention he likes to be where the attention is. It was one of those moments you want to etch in your brain forever, to see my four children together. There are no words, I will tell you there were tears though, the good ones.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Girl

On Saturday we went on a shopping date. We were in search of sandals the sun was finally making an appearance, we needed to be prepared. As we headed to the car she noticed that I had grabbed my sunglasses. She stops and looks up at me remembering how her last pair of sunglasses was ruined by her little brother.
"Mom, I think we need to go shopping for new sunglasses for me."
She stood in front of the rack of sunglasses looking, touching, trying on, one after the other. Some twice, others I was told out right were ugly. In the end I think she was happy with her decision. Later I was telling Sean how long she took to pick a pair of sunglasses, he looked at me and laughed.
"Did you really just complain to me about someone taking their time shopping?" I had to smile.

Friday, April 8, 2011


In March Caden got his first stitches, and knowing him probably not his last.

I had a blast with old friends from collage, (some I hadn't seen since collage!) and our kids met.

Spring tried to come

And this guy just keeps getting bigger!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


My two oldest children declared the other morning that they are best friends. I found this picture and had to smile. I have to remind my self of these moments as I referee their arguments.