Thursday, June 17, 2010


is so fleeting and my memory fails me.
I need to record more before the memories are gone forever into the inaccessible part of my brain. Like how Luke is now crawling, and exploring, and eating EVERYTHING, and doing it all with almost eight teeth (three are still working their way out)! I want to remember how Sophia insists on being called Ariel and that her first crush was on Eric. I had tried to keep The Little Mermaid from her, it just wasen't one of my favorites, but nothing was better then seeing her eyes go big and her mouth falling open letting out a quite "wow" when I placed the movie in her hands for the first time. I will never regret letting her watch it as I hear her dance around and say "oh Eric" and giggle. Not sure how I'll feel when Eric is real and she is sixteen but for now I will remember it is cute! I don't want to forget how inquisitive Caden has become, with such an amazing little imagination. On a recent road trip he asked us as we passed through the town of Green River why there was a large GR on the side of the mountain. Before we could even answer he pipes up with "Oh I know for the bears! Because they live in the mountains and say grrrrr!" Most of all I always want to remember how blessed I feel at the end of the day as I peek in on these sleeping monkeys, and realize I get to be their mom.