Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My siblings would not approve

When I dressed Sophia I had to laugh to myself and I thought, my siblings would not approve. My sister and I used to always joke that you could tell when my husband dressed the kids because they never matched, have I become just as bad? My brother repeatedly tells me he will never put his son in anything "dorky" (isn't it dorky to say dorky?). He has been permanently scared by the pictures of us in neon bright short shorts and even brighter tee shirts. We were raised in the eighties I remind him. Still he says his son will never have a picture in anything that might scare him later. So today after I dressed my little girl, and looked at her, and laughed, I took pictures.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pretty Candy House

Today we hosted our first ever gingerbread house party. After we were done Caden would look at the house and say "pretty candy house." Thanks Jones family for the fun day! Here are some pictures of the fun.

The Mess

Our pretty little candy house. It ended up being a lot smaller then I anticipated but we like it.
The boys had so much fun playing together. By this time they were pretty hyped up on candy.
And the finished product. Jones' family on the left, us on the right.
Unfortunately the Jones' house did not make it home in one piece for the full story visit their blog.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Twelve Days 'Til Chiristmas?!?

I was at the mall today and I saw a sign in a window that said 12 days left until Christmas! How could such a cheerful little sign leave me so panicked? Really only twelve I thought? About then I was wishing I had made that advent calender I had been meaning to make. I just feel like my accomplished list pales in comparison to my to do list. I guess I can feel a little better getting this done. Posting has been on the to do side of my brain for awhile. We have been a pretty busy family lately. My husband has been busy working hard and playing lots with the kids. He also has been shoveling snow and doing all the fun little winterizing stuff you just never think of when you rent. I have been busy trying to get the house in order, finishing everything for Christmas, planning a luau, and having fun with the beehives. The C dog has been busy learning how to play on the computer independently. He now knows how to navigate his way through starfall. This is part of the reason I have not been posting, we are trying to cut down on all of our computer time. He loves music and I have been very impressed as he recognizes songs I sing to him (like his favorite Jingle Bells) when we are out and about and he hears them playing. Today I was putting on his shoes and Sophia took one of them he looked at her and said "no Fia", took it from her nicely and said "thank you." I had to laugh, that is what I do to him when he takes something he can not have like scissors. Miss. Fia is busy as ever getting into things and showing more and more personality. She also has started walking! Well hopefully I can get around to taking a Christmas family picture and writing a letter for now just know that we are all happy, healthy, and busy.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No Nap Zone

That is what my little girl thinks this is. I personally would love for someone to feed, me make sure I was comfy, and then tuck me into bed twice a day everyday so I could take two hour naps! In the beginning she loved this routine and life was great. Then her teeth started coming in (grrrrrr to teething). She has also decided the world is far to interesting to waste the day away sleeping. Anyway I decided I was boss today and I let her cry it out a bit. She was so tired she only lasted about five minutes. One of my favorite things to do is to go get her when she wakes up. She almost always has a huge smile on her face when I open the door.