Monday, November 14, 2011

At long last

After what seemed to me like months of false labor, November 3rd finally arrived. I was originally due on November 10th, however my doctor was leaving the country on the 11th. He asked if I wanted to be stared, I didn't even hesitate, I think it was more like 'Yes please!' Everything about this pregnancy just seemed harder on me and labor was no different. My last two labors went very quickly, and my last one was almost easy! This little girl had plans of her own. So after my water was broken we waited, and waited. The two hour mark that I had not passed with previous pregnancies came and went. The nurse said I was right on target progressing just like I should. By the forth hour I was done. How do woman labor for so long? I started asking for the epidural and they kept saying are you sure? Maybe it was because I kept saying I think I want the drugs now, maybe I did not sound urgent enough for them. When I was told it takes about ten minutes for the epidural to set in I was sold. All I could think was in ten minutes I will be out of pain, I can relax, then I don't care when she decides to come. Turns out she only needed about ten more minutes. At 1:47 on November 3rd my life was changed forever when my baby girl was placed in my arms.
Eden Marie
7lbs 3oz
19 inches


Robyn said...

She's beautiful and I love the name! I can't believe you went the whole time (other than the last 10 minutes) without the epidural! Congratulations! I hope you're adjusting to 4!

Peninaopacifica said...

She's so beautiful Maleina! I love her name. Can't wait to see her.

Josh and Tawnya Begay said...

Congrats!! Wow, your brave to not of taken the epidural with the first three!! Congrats!!!